Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Honda

It is officially fall in the Pacific NW! As the daylight and weather start to change, be prepared to drive your Honda safely by following these helpful tips:

  1. Check Lights – make sure your headlights, brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers are in correct alignment and working properly
  2. Check Tires and Brakes – with rainy weather and slippery roads, it’s important that your tires and brakes are in solid condition to handle these potentially dangerous driving conditions.
  3. Replace Wiper Blades – your Honda’s wiper blades should generally be changed about every 6 months. Do a visual inspection to check for cracked or peeling rubber and ragged edges. Changing the blades only takes a few minutes and will greatly improve your driving visibility in dark, rainy weather.
  4. Change Oil and Air Filter – keeping up on your Honda’s regular maintenance is especially important in fall and winter to keep your car running smoothly and avoid getting stuck outside in the cold.
  5. Check Heater & Defroster – if you find your Honda’s heater or defroster are not working fast enough or well enough, bring it in to The H Shop to have your system checked out before the cold weather sets in.


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