Do Your Wipers Need Replacing?

How did your windshield wipers perform during yesterday’s deluge?

Yesterday’s weather was a reminder that winter’s not over quite yet, becoming the 2nd wettest March day on record with 2.1 inches of rain.  It was also the wettest day on record in over two years, dating back to November 19th of 2012 when 2.13 inches of rain fell.

Working wiper blades increase visibility and decrease accidents.  Start with a visual inspection of the wiper blade.  Look for cracked rubber, brittle or ragged edges.  If the blades appear to be OK, they can be cleaned with a rag and re-tested to determine if they need replacement.  Generally, wiper blades should be replaced about every six months.

Today’s wipers are very easy to change and just take a few minutes.  Inspect yours today and if they need replacing, pop into an auto parts store and they usually will help put them on for you.

Or, give us a call.  If it’s time for an oil change or other maintenance work, we can change your wipers at the same time.

Safe driving!

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